Reminders to remain – A month benchmark

Today marks a month in this beautiful city/island 🙂 It also marks the second in which I am rid of those crutches I loved and hated so close to my heart. So, as we go, here are some notes to myself and others about my progress.

  1. I took a bus alone for the first time – boom (30 mins ride, felt like a roller coaster)
  2. 2017-02-23 18.47.29.jpg2017-02-23 18.47.25.jpg
  3. I went cosmetic shopping

Came back with nothing. Us Koreans like to use warm shades that are too pale for our skin 😀 noone carries my skintone. WHY YOU HATING ON ME?

  1. i sat for 3 hours much pain (i probably shouldn’t)
  2. i slept better – didn’t get up in the middle of the night in discomfort or pain

Pretty blessed I’d say!

My mood has changed too

  1. feels more like I’m back to prior surgery – counting less blessing, not entirely sure if this is beneficial and what this is; probably  a smirk of emotions? Im clueless
  2. feels less like i have the space to think and breathe
  3. do not feel as well, in comparison to the bodily recovery I’ve come through.

I think getting better has made me feel a bit confused. and left me less pleased with life.

Cunning that we humans are, three months ago, or even a month, only thing I could have hoped for was to walk on own my feet without any assistance and now that I can do that, I want the career back and I start to care less about the things I 3 months realised were more important the career.

Silly, cunning and forgettable us humans are.

Mixed feeling thus far.

I hope next time I write I will have less arrogance and sadness in me to write something more detailed and positive.





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