Final Cut Pro Tutorials – Useful Links

I’ve been dabbling on Final Cut Pro X finally after months and years on pondering on the idea of starting on a youtube channel.

I had various concerns and questions and one of the platforms that I’ve found most useful was to watch youtube tutorial – how sustainable and self-sufficient! Loving it.

So, here goes some of the youtube channels I’ve used to learn up the skillz:

1. David A Cox (

From Tech Talk America, David demonstrates how to use final cut pro x in a brilliantly structured way. As he starts with the video below is for the beginners/newish people who do not really have the hang of the programme. Given the target, he demonstrates varied  usage of the programme in detail. A great all-starter to establish solid understanding before gaming up.

2. Similarly, Matthew Price’s overview on the programme: 

3. Kingtutspro (

Kingtutspro  is pretty spectacular – he tutorial style is casual; he does all the stuff at right pace that is easy to follow. He doesn’t sound teacher-ish and he shows aesthetically enchanting effects simply and beautifully. One of my favourites by the channel is the below: