After having spent two months solely at hospitals, I have managed to move to Jeju with helps of loving people.

Staying at both hospitals was a fairly, and reasonably unpleasant experience – nurses forgot to give me my meds (thank god I had my carer to remind them every time), and kept ordering in/ cancelling my meals 😀 in the second hospital. It was also unforgettably accompanied by screams of the gentleman in next room – ah jolly times! I unfortunately do not have much memory of the first hospital though, apart from that I hated the drills and hammers banging on my head from 9 to 10 (they worked too hard!) and that there was no single rooms- but then again, I really enjoyed wheeling myself back and forth from a convenience store on the ground floor. Whilst I still found shred of happiness in both facilities – the second one being fantastic in heating, and my carer ❤ and the first being surrounded by caring and loving people who gave me lots of tips on recovery. Overall, it was a learning experience.

In loving memory of my stay!

None of this had me down – I was still fabulossimos evidently!

I felt ready to leave after postponing the departure twice. My scars seemed rather healed and I felt stronger. I no longer felt weak and faintly after a physio session. I ate better. I was off painmeds (for most part) and I was starting to able to ready a book and hold a decent conversation.

RANDOM  – My beautiful side bumbum, healed elegantly af.

LEAVING. It was a surprising and very soothing experience to share my responsibilities when can. Prior to the departure, I had numerous worries and thoughts that occupied my head that already had very little capacity, recovering from the surgery and hospital stay, keeping me awake at night. I can’t underestimate the importance of planning i.e. calling the airline authorities for special assistance, organising luggage/meals, and organising itinerary. Yet once we got to the airport, everything went well as panned or even better – as the burden and worries of how I was to move myself and luggage and etc were all lifted and shared by caring people. I felt overwhelmingly  secured and loved unlike anything I’ve experienced before

The transitions of my mood were interesting. I was wheeled into, being upgraded to the business class, the first row of the plane for convenience (well done you Asiana – my loyalty lies with you!).  Once the plane took off, I felt oddly relaxed – a combination of exhaustion from being hyper alert, moving the most in the past 2 months & a new beginning was on its way.

As I sat my eyes upon the sight of vast ocean hugging the island, I felt challenged and thrilled at the same time. I sensed a strong feeling that everything was going to be okay and fine, as if somehow things will work itself fine magically – I still am not entirely sure if this unlike optimism derived from that I was lightheaded 😀 or that I had conditioned myself with little worries other than myself for the past months.

To step a foot on the beauty island, that is known to the Hawaii of Korea (or Asia), I felt a little at unease the challenges that were to come ahead of my time here. It was as if I was starting to take the first step, learning to walk again. (Or, not even that – given I still hadn’t been and can’t walk.)

I have taken some footage of beautiful landscapes which I have been lucky to venture out to on the weekends – hopefully that I will be able to unfold my stories with the videos.